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Time to know some of the green building and LEED “known knowns!”

My dear and esteemed colleague, Maggie, knocked me last week for my home state's (Ohio) failure to make USGBC’s Top 10 States for LEED in 2013. That’s fine. Ohio has its pluses beyond disconsolate astronauts and bad clams. It’s the number one state in the country for green schools. Indeed there are 127 LEED certified schools in Ohio, providing students with better, healthier spaces to learn. Though this fact has not stopped the Ohio senate’s passage of a resolution all but banning the use of LEED in the state.

Oh, but the attacks on LEED are just beginning.

1. Last week, the curious Environmental Policy Alliance (“EPA” Sounds just like the government agency Richard Nixon created!) announced “research” claiming LEED certified buildings in D.C. use more energy than uncertified buildings. 

The study only accounts for examining a specific metric, energy-use intensity (EUI), a measurement that details how much energy is used for each unit of building space. In short, a very skewed perspective, as USGBC’s Senior Vice President of LEED, Scot Horst explained:

“What it tells you is how much energy is being used, it doesn’t tell whether the space is being used efficiently. We know that we don’t want to incentivize empty buildings. We want buildings that are being used incredibly well that use the smallest amount of energy for the highest amount of use.”

We have provided a nice roundup of articles that have challenged this science along with the entire business model of the Environmental Policy Alliance here

2. LEED on Me: Taryn Holowka, our fearless vice president of USGBC’s marketing and communications apparatus, has shared our new “LEED ON” advertising campaign. Please check out the bold advertisements and let us know if you are interested in participating in the next round.

3. Don’t Ask For The Moon. We Have 50 Green Stars: The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) certified its 50th building through their self-created Green Star SA rating tool. 

4. Translations of…LEED credential exams and other resources are here or coming soon!  Also, my esteemed colleague, Nora Knox, nicely outlines all you need to know to become a LEED Green Associate or LEED AP.

Finally, a quick item, shamelessly stolen from my multitalented colleague, Jacob Kriss: 

5. LEED hits new heights in Canada during 2013, Daily Commercial News. Congratulations to our partners at the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), which saw 574 projects certify to LEED in 2013!


Now you know, the known knowns. For more, stay tuned for next Monday’s roundup. Also, be sure to follow us on The Twitters (Joe @cacciatorecrea and Maggie @maggiecomstock) for the latest and greatest.